Class LoggerSink

  extended by org.apache.flume.sink.AbstractSink
      extended by org.apache.flume.sink.LoggerSink
All Implemented Interfaces:
LifecycleAware, NamedComponent, Sink

public class LoggerSink
extends AbstractSink

A Sink implementation that logs all events received at the INFO level to the org.apache.flume.sink.LoggerSink logger.

WARNING: Logging events can potentially introduce performance degradation.

Configuration options

This sink has no configuration parameters.



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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 Sink.Status process()
          Requests the sink to attempt to consume data from attached channel
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Constructor Detail


public LoggerSink()
Method Detail


public Sink.Status process()
                    throws EventDeliveryException
Description copied from interface: Sink

Requests the sink to attempt to consume data from attached channel

Note: This method should be consuming from the channel within the bounds of a Transaction. On successful delivery, the transaction should be committed, and on failure it should be rolled back.

READY if 1 or more Events were successfully delivered, BACKOFF if no data could be retrieved from the channel feeding this sink
EventDeliveryException - In case of any kind of failure to deliver data to the next hop destination.

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