Interface LoadBalancingSinkProcessor.SinkSelector

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Configurable, LifecycleAware
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public static interface LoadBalancingSinkProcessor.SinkSelector
extends Configurable, LifecycleAware

An interface that allows the LoadBalancingSinkProcessor to use a load-balancing strategy such as round-robin, random distribution etc. Implementations of this class can be plugged into the system via processor configuration and are used to select a sink on every invocation.

An instance of the configured sink selector is create during the processor configuration, its setSinks(List) method is invoked following which it is configured via a subcontext. Once configured, the lifecycle of this selector is tied to the lifecycle of the sink processor.

At runtime, the processor invokes the createSinkIterator() method for every process call to create an iteration order over the available sinks. The processor then loops through this iteration order until one of the sinks succeeds in processing the event. If the iterator is exhausted and none of the sinks succeed, the processor will raise an EventDeliveryException.

Method Summary
 Iterator<Sink> createSinkIterator()
 void informSinkFailed(Sink failedSink)
 void setSinks(List<Sink> sinks)
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Method Detail


void setSinks(List<Sink> sinks)


Iterator<Sink> createSinkIterator()


void informSinkFailed(Sink failedSink)

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