Package org.apache.flume

Interface Summary
Channel A channel connects a Source to a Sink.
ChannelSelector Allows the selection of a subset of channels from the given set based on its implementation policy.
Clock Facade for System.currentTimeMillis for Testing
Event Basic representation of a data object in Flume.
EventDrivenSource A Source that does not need an external driver to poll for events to ingest; it provides its own event-driven mechanism to invoke event processing.
NamedComponent Enables a component to be tagged with a name so that it can be referred to uniquely within the configuration system.
PollableSource A Source that requires an external driver to poll to determine whether there are events that are available to ingest from the source.
Sink A sink is connected to a Channel and consumes its contents, sending them to a configured destination that may vary according to the sink type.
SinkProcessor Interface for a device that allows abstraction of the behavior of multiple sinks, always assigned to a SinkRunner
Source A source generates and calls methods on the configured ChannelProcessor to persist those events into the configured channels.
Transaction Provides the transaction boundary while accessing a channel.

Class Summary
Context The context is a key-value store used to pass configuration information throughout the system.
CounterGroup Used for counting events, collecting metrics, etc.
Dummy Placeholder class so the git mirror does not leave out the src/main/java dir
SinkRunner A driver for sinks that polls them, attempting to process events if any are available in the Channel.
SinkRunner.PollingRunner Runnable that polls a SinkProcessor and manages event delivery notification, BACKOFF delay handling, etc.
SourceRunner A source runner controls how a source is driven.
SystemClock Default implementation of Clock which uses System

Enum Summary

Exception Summary
ChannelException A channel exception is raised whenever a channel operation fails.
EventDeliveryException An event delivery exception is raised whenever an Event fails to reach at least one of its intended (next-hop) destinations.
FlumeException Base class of all flume exceptions.

Annotation Types Summary
VersionAnnotation This class is about package attribute that captures version info of Flume that was compiled.

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