Interface EventDrivenSource

All Superinterfaces:
LifecycleAware, NamedComponent, Source
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractEventDrivenSource, AvroLegacySource, AvroSource, EmbeddedSource, ExecSource, HTTPSource, MultiportSyslogTCPSource, NetcatSource, ScribeSource, SpoolDirectorySource, SyslogTcpSource, SyslogUDPSource, ThriftLegacySource, ThriftSource

public interface EventDrivenSource
extends Source

A Source that does not need an external driver to poll for events to ingest; it provides its own event-driven mechanism to invoke event processing.

Method Summary
Methods inherited from interface org.apache.flume.Source
getChannelProcessor, setChannelProcessor
Methods inherited from interface org.apache.flume.lifecycle.LifecycleAware
getLifecycleState, start, stop
Methods inherited from interface org.apache.flume.NamedComponent
getName, setName

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