Package org.apache.flume.sink

Interface Summary
LoadBalancingSinkProcessor.SinkSelector An interface that allows the LoadBalancingSinkProcessor to use a load-balancing strategy such as round-robin, random distribution etc.

Class Summary
AbstractRpcSink This sink provides the basic RPC functionality for Flume.
AbstractSinkProcessor A convenience base class for sink processors.
AvroSink A Sink implementation that can send events to an RPC server (such as Flume's AvroSource).
DefaultSinkProcessor Default sink processor that only accepts a single sink, passing on process results without any additional handling.
FailoverSinkProcessor FailoverSinkProcessor maintains a prioritized list of sinks, guarranteeing that so long as one is available events will be processed.
LoadBalancingSinkProcessor Provides the ability to load-balance flow over multiple sinks.
LoggerSink A Sink implementation that logs all events received at the INFO level to the org.apache.flume.sink.LoggerSink logger.
NullSink A Sink implementation that simply discards all events it receives.
SinkGroup Configuration concept for handling multiple sinks working together.
ThriftSink A Sink implementation that can send events to an RPC server (such as Flume's ThriftSource).

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