Package org.apache.flume.sink.elasticsearch

Interface Summary
ElasticSearchEventSerializer Interface for an event serializer which serializes the headers and body of an event to write them to ElasticSearch.
ElasticSearchIndexRequestBuilderFactory Interface for creating ElasticSearch IndexRequestBuilder instances from serialized flume events.

Class Summary
AbstractElasticSearchIndexRequestBuilderFactory Abstract base class for custom implementations of ElasticSearchIndexRequestBuilderFactory.
ContentBuilderUtil Utility methods for using ElasticSearch XContentBuilder
ElasticSearchDynamicSerializer Basic serializer that serializes the event body and header fields into individual fields
ElasticSearchLogStashEventSerializer Serialize flume events into the same format LogStash uses
ElasticSearchSink A sink which reads events from a channel and writes them to ElasticSearch based on the work done by
EventSerializerIndexRequestBuilderFactory Default implementation of ElasticSearchIndexRequestBuilderFactory.
TimeBasedIndexNameBuilder Default index name builder.

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