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org.apache.flume.agent.embedded This package provides Flume users the ability to embed simple agents in applications. 

Uses of Source in org.apache.flume

Subinterfaces of Source in org.apache.flume
 interface EventDrivenSource
          A Source that does not need an external driver to poll for events to ingest; it provides its own event-driven mechanism to invoke event processing.
 interface PollableSource
          A Source that requires an external driver to poll to determine whether there are events that are available to ingest from the source.

Methods in org.apache.flume that return Source
 Source SourceFactory.create(String sourceName, String type)
 Source SourceRunner.getSource()

Methods in org.apache.flume that return types with arguments of type Source
 Class<? extends Source> SourceFactory.getClass(String type)

Methods in org.apache.flume with parameters of type Source
static SourceRunner SourceRunner.forSource(Source source)
          Static factory method to instantiate a source runner implementation that corresponds to the type of Source specified.
 void SourceRunner.setSource(Source source)

Uses of Source in org.apache.flume.agent.embedded

Classes in org.apache.flume.agent.embedded that implement Source
 class EmbeddedSource
          Simple source used to allow direct access to the channel for the Embedded Agent.

Uses of Source in org.apache.flume.source

Classes in org.apache.flume.source that implement Source
 class AbstractEventDrivenSource
          Base class which ensures sub-classes will inherit all the properties of BasicSourceSemantics.
 class AbstractPollableSource
          Base class which ensures sub-classes will inherit all the properties of BasicSourceSemantics in addition to: Ensuring when configure/start throw an exception process will not be called Ensure that process will not be called unless configure and start have successfully been called
 class AbstractSource
 class AvroSource
           A Source implementation that receives Avro events from clients that implement AvroSourceProtocol.
 class BasicSourceSemantics
          Alternative to AbstractSource, which: Ensure configure cannot be called while started Exceptions thrown during configure, start, stop put source in ERROR state Exceptions thrown during start, stop will be logged but not re-thrown. Exception in configure disables starting
 class ExecSource
           A Source implementation that executes a Unix process and turns each line of text into an event.
 class MultiportSyslogTCPSource
 class NetcatSource
           A netcat-like source that listens on a given port and turns each line of text into an event.
 class SequenceGeneratorSource
 class SpoolDirectorySource
 class StressSource
          StressSource is an internal load-generating source implementation which is very useful for stress tests.
 class SyslogTcpSource
 class SyslogUDPSource
 class ThriftSource

Methods in org.apache.flume.source that return Source
 Source DefaultSourceFactory.create(String name, String type)

Methods in org.apache.flume.source that return types with arguments of type Source
 Class<? extends Source> DefaultSourceFactory.getClass(String type)

Uses of Source in org.apache.flume.source.avroLegacy

Classes in org.apache.flume.source.avroLegacy that implement Source
 class AvroLegacySource
           A Source implementation that receives Avro events from Avro sink of Flume OG

Uses of Source in org.apache.flume.source.http

Classes in org.apache.flume.source.http that implement Source
 class HTTPSource
          A source which accepts Flume Events by HTTP POST and GET.

Uses of Source in org.apache.flume.source.jms

Classes in org.apache.flume.source.jms that implement Source
 class JMSSource

Uses of Source in org.apache.flume.source.kafka

Classes in org.apache.flume.source.kafka that implement Source
 class KafkaSource
          A Source for Kafka which reads messages from a kafka topic.

Uses of Source in org.apache.flume.source.scribe

Classes in org.apache.flume.source.scribe that implement Source
 class ScribeSource
          Flume should adopt the Scribe entry LogEntry from existing Scribe system.

Uses of Source in org.apache.flume.source.thriftLegacy

Classes in org.apache.flume.source.thriftLegacy that implement Source
 class ThriftLegacySource

Uses of Source in org.apache.flume.source.twitter

Classes in org.apache.flume.source.twitter that implement Source
 class TwitterSource
          Demo Flume source that connects via Streaming API to the 1% sample twitter firehose, continously downloads tweets, converts them to Avro format and sends Avro events to a downstream Flume sink.

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