Class AbstractPollableSource

  extended by org.apache.flume.source.BasicSourceSemantics
      extended by org.apache.flume.source.AbstractPollableSource
All Implemented Interfaces:
Configurable, LifecycleAware, NamedComponent, PollableSource, Source
Direct Known Subclasses:

public abstract class AbstractPollableSource
extends BasicSourceSemantics
implements PollableSource

Base class which ensures sub-classes will inherit all the properties of BasicSourceSemantics in addition to:

  1. Ensuring when configure/start throw an exception process will not be called
  2. Ensure that process will not be called unless configure and start have successfully been called

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Method Summary
protected abstract  PollableSource.Status doProcess()
 PollableSource.Status process()
           Attempt to pull an item from the source, sending it to the channel.
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Constructor Detail


public AbstractPollableSource()
Method Detail


public PollableSource.Status process()
                              throws EventDeliveryException
Description copied from interface: PollableSource

Attempt to pull an item from the source, sending it to the channel.

When driven by an EventDrivenSourceRunner process is guaranteed to be called only by a single thread at a time, with no concurrency. Any other mechanism driving a pollable source must follow the same semantics.

Specified by:
process in interface PollableSource
READY if one or more events were created from the source. BACKOFF if no events could be created from the source.
EventDeliveryException - If there was a failure in delivering to the attached channel, or if a failure occurred in acquiring data from the source.


protected abstract PollableSource.Status doProcess()
                                            throws EventDeliveryException

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