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Uses of EventDeserializer in org.apache.flume.serialization

Subinterfaces of EventDeserializer in org.apache.flume.serialization
 interface EventSerDe

A class that is able to both serialize and deserialize events.


Classes in org.apache.flume.serialization that implement EventDeserializer
 class AvroEventDeserializer
          A deserializer that parses Avro container files, generating one Flume event per record in the Avro file, and storing binary avro-encoded records in the Flume event body.
 class LineDeserializer
          A deserializer that parses text lines from a file.

Methods in org.apache.flume.serialization that return EventDeserializer
 EventDeserializer context, ResettableInputStream in)
 EventDeserializer context, ResettableInputStream in)
 EventDeserializer context, ResettableInputStream in)
static EventDeserializer EventDeserializerFactory.getInstance(String deserializerType, Context context, ResettableInputStream in)

Uses of EventDeserializer in org.apache.flume.sink.solr.morphline

Classes in org.apache.flume.sink.solr.morphline that implement EventDeserializer
 class BlobDeserializer
          A deserializer that reads a Binary Large Object (BLOB) per event, typically one BLOB per file; To be used in conjunction with Flume SpoolDirectorySource.

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