Class Summary
BasicChannelSemantics An implementation of basic Channel semantics, including the implied thread-local semantics of the Transaction class, which is required to extend BasicTransactionSemantics.
BasicTransactionSemantics An implementation of basic Transaction semantics designed to work in concert with BasicChannelSemantics to simplify creation of robust Channel implementations.
ChannelProcessor A channel processor exposes operations to put Events into Channels.
ChannelUtils A collection of utilities for interacting with Channel objects.
MemoryChannel MemoryChannel is the recommended channel to use when speeds which writing to disk is impractical is required or durability of data is not required.
PseudoTxnMemoryChannel A capacity-capped Channel implementation that supports in-memory buffering and delivery of events.
PseudoTxnMemoryChannel.NoOpTransaction A no-op transaction implementation that does nothing at all.
ReplicatingChannelSelector Replicating channel selector.

Enum Summary
BasicTransactionSemantics.State The state of the Transaction to which it belongs.

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