Class Log

  extended by

public class Log
extends Object

Stores FlumeEvents on disk and pointers to the events in a in memory queue. Once a log object is created the replay method should be called to reconcile the on disk write ahead log with the last checkpoint of the queue. Before calling any of commitPut/commitTake/get/put/rollback/take Log.tryLockShared should be called and the above operations should only be called if tryLockShared returns true. After the operation and any additional modifications of the FlumeEventQueue, the Log.unlockShared method should be called.

Field Summary
static Set<String> EXCLUDES
          Set of files that should be excluded from backup and restores.
static String FILE_LOCK
static String PREFIX
Method Summary
 int getCommittedCount()
 int getPutCount()
 int getReadCount()
 int getRollbackCount()
 int getTakeCount()
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Field Detail


public static final String PREFIX
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Constant Field Values


public static final String FILE_LOCK
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Constant Field Values


public static final Set<String> EXCLUDES
Set of files that should be excluded from backup and restores.

Method Detail


public int getReadCount()


public int getPutCount()


public int getTakeCount()


public int getCommittedCount()


public int getRollbackCount()

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