Apache Flume Apache Software Foundation

Version 1.3.1ΒΆ

Status of this release

This release is the third release of Apache Flume as an Apache top level project and is the third release that is considered ready for production use. This release is primarily a maintenance release for Flume 1.3.0, and includes several bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Release Documentation


** Bug
  • [FLUME-1761] - FileChannel can NPE when log metadata file is empty
  • [FLUME-1763] - FileChannel Checkpoints should not be done without free space
  • [FLUME-1773] - File Channel worker thread should not be daemon
  • [FLUME-1774] - EventBackingStoreFactory error message asks user to delete checkpoint which is now done automatically
  • [FLUME-1775] - FileChannel Log Background worker should catch Throwable
  • [FLUME-1788] - Flume Thrift source can fail intermittently because of a race condition in Thrift server implementation on some Linux systems
  • [FLUME-1789] - Unit tests TestJCEFileKeyProvider and TestFileChannelEncryption fail with IBM JDK and flume-1.3.0
  • [FLUME-1795] - Flume thrift legacy source does not have proper logging configured
** Improvement
  • [FLUME-1571] - Channels should check for positive capacity and transaction capacity values
  • [FLUME-1699] - Make the rename of the meta file platform neutral
  • [FLUME-1762] - File Channel should recover automatically if the checkpoint is incomplete or bad by deleting the contents of the checkpoint directory
  • [FLUME-1790] - Commands in EncryptionTestUtils comments require high encryption pack to be installed
  • [FLUME-1794] - FileChannel check for full disks in the background