Apache Flume Apache Software Foundation

Version 1.1.0 - IncubatingΒΆ

Status of this release

This release is the second release of Apache Flume within the Apache Incubator, and is labelled and should be considered as a beta version. As compared to the previous release, it has substantially more features and functionality along with bug fixes and other enhancements. However it is likely to change until a stable release version.

Release Documentation


  • Sub-task
    • [FLUME-989] - Factor Flume Avro RPC interfaces out into separate Client SDK
  • Bug
    • [FLUME-11] - Tests are setting logger level and should not be.
    • [FLUME-889] - All events in memory channel are lost on reconfiguration
    • [FLUME-920] - flume-ng script does not work on Ubuntu Maverick
    • [FLUME-933] - Default[Source|Sink|Channel]Factory implementation should do reference counting for create/unregistering instances.
    • [FLUME-936] - MemoryChannel is not thread safe
    • [FLUME-955] - Rat failure: Legacy Avro Source missing Apache license header
    • [FLUME-957] - Remove unused flume json config file
    • [FLUME-960] - TestAvroSink.testFailedConnect is racy and fails often
    • [FLUME-963] - Add additional tests to TestHDFSEventSink and demystify existing tests
    • [FLUME-1005] - Several issues with flume-ng script
    • [FLUME-1009] - HDFSEventSink should return BACKOFF when the channel returns null
    • [FLUME-1018] - Context can cause NullPointerException
    • [FLUME-1027] - Missing log4j library in Flume distribution
    • [FLUME-1029] - Flume build issue with Avro 1.6.2 and empty local repository
    • [FLUME-1031] - Depricate code generated by Thrift and Avro OG sources that is under com.cloudera package
  • Improvement
    • [FLUME-886] - Create Log4j Appender
    • [FLUME-919] - flume-ng script should use exec when spawning the java process
    • [FLUME-922] - Straighten up branches for development
    • [FLUME-925] - Update build infrastructure to follow Apache Maven guidelines
    • [FLUME-932] - Making flume-ng components pluggage and name aware
    • [FLUME-934] - hadoop 1.0.0 sink and corresponding profile
    • [FLUME-935] - Create abstract implementations of basic channel/transaction semantics
    • [FLUME-939] - Load flume-env.sh from flume_conf_dir environment variable / system property as opposed to bin directory
    • [FLUME-945] - Add the ability to specify a default channel for multiplexing channel selector.
    • [FLUME-956] - Configuration File Template
    • [FLUME-958] - Miscellaneous build improvements
    • [FLUME-964] - Remove compiler warnings where possible
    • [FLUME-978] - Context interface is too basic requiring boilerplate user code
    • [FLUME-984] - SinkRunner should catch unhanded exceptions and log them like PollingSourceRunner
    • [FLUME-990] - Hive sink
    • [FLUME-1019] - Document Sink and related interfaces, defining expected behaviors
    • [FLUME-1021] - Document API contracts and expected behavior in additional interfaces, including Source
    • [FLUME-1032] - Fix / clean up Flume NG build
  • New Feature
    • [FLUME-865] - Implement failover sink
    • [FLUME-892] - Support for SysLog as source
    • [FLUME-914] - Port the IRC sink to flume ng
    • [FLUME-930] - Support for multiplexing into different channels from single source.
    • [FLUME-942] - Support event compatibility with Flume 0.9x
    • [FLUME-970] - Create user guide for Flume NG
  • Task
    • [FLUME-940] - Remove unused code from Flume
    • [FLUME-949] - Collapse PollableSink into Sink interface.
    • [FLUME-977] - Migrate trunk to 0.9.5 branch and move branch flume-728 over to trunk
    • [FLUME-1028] - Fix jenkins build after addition of submodule