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Uses of SourceRunner in org.apache.flume

Methods in org.apache.flume that return SourceRunner
static SourceRunner SourceRunner.forSource(Source source)
          Static factory method to instantiate a source runner implementation that corresponds to the type of Source specified.

Uses of SourceRunner in org.apache.flume.node

Methods in org.apache.flume.node that return types with arguments of type SourceRunner<String,SourceRunner> SimpleMaterializedConfiguration.getSourceRunners()
   <String,SourceRunner> MaterializedConfiguration.getSourceRunners()

Methods in org.apache.flume.node with parameters of type SourceRunner
 void SimpleMaterializedConfiguration.addSourceRunner(String name, SourceRunner sourceRunner)
 void MaterializedConfiguration.addSourceRunner(String name, SourceRunner sourceRunner)

Uses of SourceRunner in org.apache.flume.source

Subclasses of SourceRunner in org.apache.flume.source
 class EventDrivenSourceRunner
          Starts, stops, and manages event-driven sources.
 class PollableSourceRunner
           An implementation of SourceRunner that can drive a PollableSource.

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