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Uses of Interceptor in org.apache.flume.interceptor

Classes in org.apache.flume.interceptor that implement Interceptor
 class HostInterceptor
          Simple Interceptor class that sets the host name or IP on all events that are intercepted.
 class InterceptorChain
          Implementation of Interceptor that calls a list of other Interceptors serially.
 class RegexExtractorInterceptor
          Interceptor that extracts matches using a specified regular expression and appends the matches to the event headers using the specified serializers
 class RegexFilteringInterceptor
          Interceptor that filters events selectively based on a configured regular expression matching against the event body.
 class StaticInterceptor
          Interceptor class that appends a static, pre-configured header to all events.
 class TimestampInterceptor
          Simple Interceptor class that sets the current system timestamp on all events that are intercepted.

Methods in org.apache.flume.interceptor that return Interceptor

Method parameters in org.apache.flume.interceptor with type arguments of type Interceptor
 void InterceptorChain.setInterceptors(List<Interceptor> interceptors)

Uses of Interceptor in org.apache.flume.sink.solr.morphline

Classes in org.apache.flume.sink.solr.morphline that implement Interceptor
 class MorphlineInterceptor
          Flume Interceptor that executes a morphline on events that are intercepted.
 class UUIDInterceptor
          Flume Interceptor that sets a universally unique identifier on all events that are intercepted.

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